Where Will LPs Be Investing in the Next 12 Months? [Video]

Get a sneak peek into exclusive findings from the upcoming 2020 SS&C Intralinks LP Survey.

19 June 2019

2020 SS&C Intrlinks LP Survey Private Equity Wire

Each year SS&C Intralinks, in partnership with Private Equity Wire/Global Fund Media, polls limited partners (LPs) worldwide for an insider’s view of their allocation plans, insights into the markets, and sentiments toward their current funds.

Ahead of the publication of the 2020 SS&C Intralinks LP Survey, Rishi Khanna, managing director, alternative assets technology at SS&C Intralinks, spoke with James Williams, managing editor at Private Equity Wire.

In the video below, James describes the process of interviewing more than 170 LPs for the survey on a wide range of topics including private equity vs. hedge funds, allocations and preferred fund sizes, and investment approaches.

Spoiler alert! James also shares an interesting finding from the research to whet your appetite. But you’ll have to click the play button below to find out more.

Darren Ressler

Darren Ressler

Darren Ressler is Intralinks’ Content Director.

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