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Private Equity Accountants: It’s Time to Evolve


When you open a PE fund spreadsheet, the likely first thought that comes to mind is, “Hello, Excel®, my old friend.” Then the second thought is, “Look at the mess I have to dig through.”


Private Equity Accountants Excel

If that’s a familiar feeling, then anyone who handles partnership accounting, general ledgers – or has to report on anything from asset performance to cap tables— may be ready to modernize the way they manage their back office.

Sure, Excel® has been a great core business application for many. And for some, those who don’t deal with the complex calculations and the transparency required by investors, it may still be useful. But as we outline in our new piece, Five Reasons You Should Scrap Excel®, it’s time to drop the manual tasks, miscalculation risks, and lack of reporting you’ve long suffered using Excel®.

SS&C Intralinks’ TNR Solution is the modern approach to PE fund accounting. It’s designed specifically to bring portfolio management, partnership accounting and the general ledger all into one user-friendly application. Most of all, TNR does many of the things Excel® doesn’t do: create comprehensive reports and dynamic dashboards, automate complex waterfall calculations, easy version tracking, and audit trails.

So the next question to ask on your next spreadsheet isn’t just which data you need. It’s how to deliver it faster, easier and more accurately. Find out more here.

Meghan McAlpine