2020 Vision: Silicon Valley Corporate Development Leaders and Venture Capitalists Share 3 Powerful Tech Industry Predictions for the Next 12 Months

We asked a group of seasoned Bay Area-based stalwarts about what’s on the horizon for the coming year.

19 December 2019

2020 M&A Predictions

This month Intralinks’ West Coast team held an informal tapas dinner with corporate development leaders and venture capitalists in the Bay Area. We gathered at the wonderful Coqueta on the Embarcadero in San Francisco, a Spanish restaurant well worth a visit the next time you’re in San Francisco. Living in the Bay Area, we are fortunate to interact and collaborate with companies changing the way we work, live, learn and communicate. That gives us an opportunity to gather insights from the collection of disruptors and innovators around us.

The dinner conversation yielded three main predictions for 2020:

  1. Tech is tops
  2. IPO delays
  3. Bountiful bundling vs. conscious decoupling

Tech is tops

Tech will continue to march onwards at blistering speed, adding its name to every sector: fintech, proptech, agritech, healthtech … the list goes on. Deals will continue as tech giants buy and fund innovation through M&A, corporate venture and private equity. The continued rollout of 5G networks will allow companies to process, collect and digest more data. This will fuel growth and development in IoT, AI and many other initiatives that rely on data processing and management for operations.

IPO delays

2019 was a rough ride for some prospective IPO candidates, among them a few unicorns. With private equity and venture capital funds flush with dry powder, some expect possible stock market debutants to push out their IPO past 2020 or at least until current global uncertainties diminish or get resolved. These include global trade tensions, Brexit, U.S. elections, among others.

Bountiful bundling vs. conscious decoupling

The tech giants have been getting bigger, and that has politicians and lawmakers questioning their composition and activity. As the U.S. elections looms, there will be discussions around regulation and competition. The debate over the benefits of corporate free will and the duty of government guidance and policing will be in full swing in 2020.

As we close out this decade and hurtle toward another, what do you think the next year and decade will bring? What is your 2020 vision?

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Torben Rankine

Torben Rankine

Torben is Director, Market and Customer Engagement. Over the last 20 years Torben has worked in management consulting, finance and fintech across Europe, Latin America and North America. For the last 12 years Torben has been working in the San Francisco Bay Area. When he first came to the U.S. he worked for a Funds of Funds, invested primarily into the asset-based lending space. He then went on to be the director of business development for a financial technology company providing services to some of the largest mutual funds, pension plans and hedge funds in the world.

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