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Anthony Gordon, CIO of Gordon Family Office, Talks Investment Ethos & Outlook [Video]

The seasoned investor sat down to share his thoughts on the next 12 months.

Anthony Gordon of Gordon Family Office and James Williams of Private Equity Wire

Pictured above (L-R): Anthony Gordon, CIO at Gordon Family Office, in conversations with James Williams, editor of Private Equity Wire.

SS&C Intralinks recently hosted a breakfast briefing in New York City to provide general partners (GPs) with key findings from the SS&C Intralinks 2020 LP Survey, a must-read report featuring market insights and outlook for the upcoming 12 months from 182 global limited partners. (Download your copy here.)

After I presented a brief overview of findings from the survey to a packed room of private equity professionals and institutional investors, James Williams, editor of Private Equity Week, kicked off a captivating 45-minute conversation with Anthony Gordon, CIO of Gordon Family Office.

“I work as the CIO, managing the capital invested globally,” explained Gordon. "The epicenter of the family office is located in Copenhagen, Denmark... We seek and strive to find exceptional managers, exceptional ideas and apply them globally, and strive to find uncorrelated thought processes, often about the same subject in the same geography, to preserve and grow capital above inflation, and have funds left over to do meaningful within the world.”

The LP Survey asked LPs which asset class they expected to be most overweight on an absolute basis over the next 12 months. Private equity (PE) came out on top among LPs surveyed. Gordon wasn’t surprised by that data point and sees it aligning within the context of a bigger picture.

“What I’m sensing now is the word exuberance," he said. “The exuberance about private equity, the exuberance about the idea that so many of us as investors get sucked into is the inertia. What’s happened will continue to happen, and it’s going in one direction. The words toxic and lethal come to mind…. Personally, we never get exuberant or excessive about anything. I think there’s too much fame and fab around private equity….”

In the video below, watch a summary of the conversation, in which Gordon explains his family office’s investing philosophy and provides commentary on the LP Survey’s findings related to asset class performance discussion, LP sentiments on hedge funds over the next 12 months, GP selection criteria and technology considerations.

You can watch the wide-ranging conversation in its entirety below.  

:05 - Introduction by James Williams, editor of Private Equity Wire

1:44 - Asset class performance discussion. Which assets generated the best returns?

7:37 - How do LPs regard hedge funds?

16:54 - GP selection criteria

36:22 - Technology considerations

44:51 - Investment allocation trends

50:00 - Final thoughts from Anthony Gordon

Many thanks to Anthony for his sharing his perspectives on the LP Survey and outlook for the coming year.

Meghan McAlpine