Found in Translation: Why We Speak Our Customers’ Languages in Southeast Asia & All Over the World

When it comes to helping customers get what they need fast, our sales leader in Southeast Asia embraces the adage of thinking globally and acting locally to get the job done.

4 March 2020

Southeast Asia VDR Intralinks Language support

According to a survey of 2,340 multilingual web consumers conducted in eight countries noted by the Harvard Business Review, 90 percent of respondents said that, when given a choice, they always visit a website in their native language. More interestingly, nearly 20 percent said that they never, ever browse in a language other than their own.

In Asia, where English isn’t most people’s native tongue, it’s even more important that users are comfortable when interacting with information so communication is seamless. When users contact a global provider with questions or issues, local language support saves the hurdle of communicating outside of their preferred language.

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In this digital economy, localizing is an absolute must to keep up with clients’ ever-growing needs. We committed to this ethos several years ago so our customers can focus on their work at hand without adding additional friction and stress to their jobs.

The growth of SS&C Intralinks’ business in Southeast Asia (S.E.A.) over the past few years has been strong, driven largely by our expanding footprint in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. This was a clear indicator to us that there would be – in parallel – growth in demand for in-region local language support with our virtual data room (VDR) solutions available in 140 languages, 365 days a year.

Speaking the same language 

As the only VDR provider with multi-language support across S.E.A., we work closely with customers in their preferred language. We’re committed to assisting them in every step of the dealmaking process: from set-up where training and deployment are done, to working with buyers, all the way to archiving the transaction. As we like to say, every deal is a big deal, no matter where in the world you are.

In a hypercompetitive market where competition is strong and M&A transactions are moving at a record pace, getting lost in translation with a technology provider is the last thing dealmakers should have to worry about.

Above: We speak your language! Watch a brief multi-language video featuring Nicholas Wong, Chau Doan, Inggrid Sabrina and Pitchaya Charumilind from the SS&C Intralinks Southeast Asia customer success team.

Vincent Lork Intralinks

Vincent Lork

Vincent is the vice president of sales in Southeast Asia, leading a team that services Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries in the region. He has a strong record of growth in 20+ years of experience in sales leadership and 10+ years in the virtual data room industry.

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