Rising to the Challenge to Help São Paulo Families Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

SS&C Intralinks’ Brazil team partnered with customers to help NAIA, a São Paulo-based children’s charity in need.

14 May 2020

NAIA Sao Paulo Intralinks

Here’s a ray of sunlight in these dark times. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, NAIA (Núcleo Assistencial Irmão Alfredo), a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in São Paulo providing socio-educational assistance for over 150 children and adolescents in need, was forced to close its doors when the lockdown went into effect. Families supported by NAIA’s programs were directly affected by the closure and needed help.

Knowing the urgency of the situation, SS&C Intralinks' Brazil team, who have been supporting NAIA’s work in the community since last year, partnered with customers to help NAIA and their constituents.

Together, the group worked to donate 300 food and hygiene kits for local families.

“Our revenue from our weekend market was seriously impacted due the shutdown period,” said NAIA’s President Arnaldo Augusto. “We want to keep our employees and cover our fixed expenses but now the priority is supporting the families and making sure they have access to food and hygiene basic items.”

“Our customers were incredibly moved by NAIA’s situation and wanted to help,” said Luiz Felipe Machado, head of Intralinks Brazil. “We were amazed at how quickly we received the donations. This shows what is possible when we combine our efforts for the greater good. We will continue our communication with NAIA to make sure the families can make it through this challenging time.”

“At times like this, we realize small gestures can positively impact other people’s lives. In the end, attitudes like this help keep us more united as a society,” said Felipe Thut, executive director of investment bank Bradesco BBI.

To learn more about NAIA, please visit their website here.

Image above via naia.org.br

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