Here’s How Investor Relations Teams Can Streamline Investor Reporting in 2021 [Video]

InvestorVision™ allows IR teams to focus more on building relationships with investors and less time managing documents.

1 February 2021

SS&C Intralinks InvestorVision

Even before COVID-19 disrupted our lives and way of working, limited partners (LPs) were asking general partners (GPs) for greater access to data on a more frequent basis. The frustration of having to login to multiple fund manager portals for financial, tax and other documents has been a top pain point for investors for some time. Proactive GPs looking for a competitive advantage are streamlining the experience and satisfying the appetite of data-hungry investors by leveraging SS&C Intralinks’ purpose-built InvestorVision.

Under the dashboard

InvestorVision eliminates the barriers of a fund-centric portal by allowing all investment management activities to be conducted from the convenience of a single page on the GP’s online portal. Deep insights are gained by mining a consolidated activity feed that spans all funds, investors and documents. The use of standardized metadata allows investor relations (IR) team members to run refined queries and see results quickly, facilitated by a highly scalable architecture. A sophisticated impersonation capability allows the IR team to experience the same view that individual LPs see.

For LP users, this view combines features they have longed for. With a single set of credentials, all investments regardless of fund manager are visible – as well as easy access through the Intralinks AppSwitcher to other Intralinks solutions, such as a board reporting or fundraising data room. A data feed reveals details of their investment history, such as TVPI, contributions and distributions. GPs can now have the confidence that however enormous the size of data they share with their LPs, all information can be readily found, downloaded or read online. Truly advanced search is simple, courtesy of filters that expose structured metadata such as document and fund type, as well as graphical date-range search accoutrements. The result is a delightful and empowering experience.

My colleague Noreen Crowe and I delivered a 25-minute overview of InvestorVision at the recent SS&C Intralinks Alternative Investments Global Virtual Alts Summit. I invite you to watch the video below to see InvestorVision in action first-hand and how it brings incredible efficiency to operations.

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