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Intralinks is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company.

Its platform offers customers the ability to easily work with anyone, anytime and anywhere. Intralinks customers can share documents and files securely, allowing them to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently. It doesn’t matter what sort of hardware or operating system they use — or if they’re mobile, or at their desks. All an end user needs is a browser and Web connection.


When teamwork and collaboration really matter – there’s Intralinks.

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We’re a global market leader for data sharing and collaboration solutions. We’re thrilled and delighted to be one of the providers shaping the cloud landscape today.


To support our clients and the public, Intralinks regularly publishes an original blog:


Here you’ll find in-depth research, thought-provoking ideas, and new ways to successfully approach security and collaboration.

Intralinks Partners

Our customers demand enterprise class. We’re very proud to work with our partners to deliver content collaboration solutions that become part of their enterprise environment and meet the highest needs for ease-of-use, security, and compliance. We’ve crea