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About Us

When teamwork and collaboration really matter – there’s Intralinks.

Trusted globally for more than 18 years, we bring collaboration and document sharing that’s safe, secure, compliant and fully auditable. Whether it’s documents or files, you can get work done quickly regardless of what you’re using at your desk or on the move — all you need is a browser and a web connection.

We give you complete control over your valuable information and content — even after you’ve shared files outside your network or organization. We set you free to do more, with greater productivity, and without worry.

Gartner likes us too. They’ve crowned us top supplier of enterprise collaboration and social software solutions. Since we started in 1996, more than $28 trillion of transactions have passed through our cloud without a breach. We work with all manner of organizations including financial services, life sciences, high technology, oil & gas, and manufacturing.

Company / About

Our Mission

We liberate people, businesses and organizations to do more, wherever they are, through absolute control over their high-value information.

Company / About

What We Do​

Our platform has generated more than 1.4 billion pages and supported more than $28.1 trillion in financial transactions.

We Excel at What We Do

Our platform has generated more than 1.4 billion pages, and supported more than $28.1 trillion in financial transactions.

A few highlights:

  • Intralinks clients include 99% of the Global Fortune 1000
  • Industry-leading Intralinks Dealspace® Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) have generated more than 1.4 billion pages to support more than $28.1 trillion in financial transactions
  • Intralinks VIA® is a secure enterprise collaboration solution that offers lifetime control of content — even when the documents or files are outside the enterprise where they originated
  • Through our applications and services, we always find new ways to serve our customers, whether we are supporting M&As, drug discovery processes, fund management — any industry where secure collaboration is crucial for success

Our History

Intralinks originated sharing and collaboration technology in 1996 and continues to lead this technology area. We provide the most up-to-date and complete solutions in all of the vertical areas we cover. From M&A to clinical trials to oil & gas, there’s an Intralinks solution to set you free by way of absolute control. From our beginnings in the finance sector to our current breadth of offerings, we provide matchless, bank-grade security married to intuitive and elegant user-friendly interfaces.

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Arthur Scully, John Muldoon, and Mark Adams — create a collaboration platform for transactions in the debt capital markets. Intralinks launches as an application service provider, evolving into a full SaaS offering.

Intralinks becomes a loan syndication platform for major banks.

Intralinks acquires Cambridge Technology Vision.

Pharmaceutical industry leader AstraZeneca leverages Intralinks for drug discovery and development.

Intralinks introduces the world
to the first VDR, Dealspace.

Intralinks’ platform facilitates $5 trillion in syndicated loan transactions.

A leading private equity firm, TA Associates, acquires Intralinks.

Intralinks successfully launches the third generation of its platform.

Intralinks holds its initial public offering and is listed on the NYSE: IL.

Ronald W. Hovsepian becomes Intralinks president, CEO, and director.

Intralinks VIA® changes how enterprises share files and collaborate securely and freely.

Intralinks acquires document encryption and rights-management innovator docTrackr.

Executive Team

A team passionate for operational excellence and customer success.

Ronald W. Hovsepian

President, Chief Executive Officer and Director

Derek Irwin

Chief Financial Officer

Scott N. Semel

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Rainer Gawlick

Executive Vice President of Global Sales

Russell Poole

Executive Vice President of Human Resources

Thor S. Johnson

Chief Marketing Officer

Aditya Joshi (AJ)

Executive Vice President of Products

Jose Almandoz

Executive Vice President of Business Operations, Services and CIO

Board of Directors

Our toughest critics and wisest counselors.

Brian J. Conway

TA Associates

Peter Gyenes

Independent Director

Thomas Hale

Independent Director

Ronald W. Hovsepian

President, Chief Executive Officer and Director

Habib Kairouz

Rho Capital Partners, Inc.

Robert C. McBride

Independent Director

Our Experts

We have several key industry experts who speak to audiences and journalists across the globe.

Richard Anstey

Chief Technology Officer, EMEA

Daren Glenister

Field Chief Technology Officer, Americas

Mushegh Hakhinian

Chief Security Architect

Matthew Porzio

Vice President, Strategy & Product Marketing

Philip Whitchelo

Vice President, Strategy and Product Marketing