Intralinks | Board of Directors

Patrick J. Wack, Jr.


Patrick is a Venture Partner of private equity firm Rho Capital Partners and an Operating Partner of Rho Acceleration.

Before joining our board, he served as our president and chief executive officer from March 2002 to August 2007, our executive vice president of Business Development from September 1999 to January 2002 and our chief operating officer from July 1997 to September 1999. Prior to Intralinks, he was a director and chief operating officer of Professional Sports Care Management, Inc., a publicly-traded provider of outpatient physical therapy services. In addition to Intralinks, Patrick presently serves on the boards of directors of several private companies. Patrick received a B.S.E. from Princeton University. With his experience as an executive at Intralinks and serving on the boards of directors of other public and private companies, Patrick brings leadership and expertise to our board.