Intralinks Webinar: Attractive M&A Targets:  What Do Buyers Look for?

Date: 12 October 2016 3:00 pm, Location: Online Webinar

Webinar Details

Date: 12 October 2016
Time: 15:00 HKT (GMT +8:00)

Presenters:   Philip Whitchelo, Vice President, Strategy & Product Marketing, Intralinks
Scott Moeller, Professor in the Practice of Finance and Director of the M&A Research Centre, Cass Business School

Length: Approximately 45 minutes

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In our 2016 study we examined 23 years of M&A data – more than 14,000 deals – from nearly 34,000 companies worldwide to uncover the key drivers that make a company an attractive M&A target.

In this webinar we’ll explore the illuminating  – and often surprising – results of this study and address questions about how financial characteristics of companies correlate with M&A activity:

  • Can an analysis of financial measures, such as growth, size, profitability, leverage, liquidity and valuation provide insights into which companies are likely to become acquisition targets?
  • How do these measures differ for private vs. public targets? And what is the relative importance of these measures in predicting the probability of a company becoming an acquisition target?

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