Webinar: "The Inside Story on ICH-GCP E6 (R2)" 

Date: 15 March 2017 11:00 am, Location: Online Webinar

Featured Speakers

Andrew Mitchell
Director of Life Sciences

Dan Sfera
The Clinical Trials Guru

Gunnar Danielsson
DGD Consulting

Register now for a live webinar on March 15th to get the unique perspective of a retired GCP Inspector and to learn: 

* What has changed in the new guidelines 

* How to prepare for future GCP audits and inspections 

* How to adapt to the growing emphasis on risk-based quality management 

You can also submit your own questions to the panel through the registration page 

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This one hour webinar follows on from the successful December 2016 session on ‘Remote Monitoring and Preparing for ICH-GCP E6(R2) at Investigator Sites’ (archive recording available here), which detailed and discussed what was changing from the perspective of an investigator site. Many participants requested an additional session to address further questions they now have as they prepare for future GCP audits and inspections conducted in accordance with these revised guidelines so this webinar will address pre-submitted questions.

Intralinks is also thrilled to welcome Gunnar Danielsson and his viewpoint as a retired GCP Inspector. For over a decade, Gunnar conducted countless inspections on behalf of the Swedish Medicines Agency and the European Medicines Agency (EMA). He was an active member of EMA GCP Inspectors Working Group where he had direct involvement in the development of a variety of guidelines and reflection papers.

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