Webinar | Intralinks VIA™

Dodd-Frank Impact:

2015 and Beyond:

How to Navigate a Flurry of New Rules Under Low Visibility Conditions

Start Date: 19 February 2015 2:00 pm, End Date: 19 February 2015 2:45 pm, Location: Webinar

In the midst of unprecedented regulatory change, one thing remains constant – bank compliance, risk, and audit professionals are being asked to do more.

Mark Kalen – Director of Product Strategy, Intralinks
Terence Lippert – Sr. Solutions Consultant, Intralinks

Compounding this problem is the increasing volume of proprietary information being exchanged across numerous lines of business and external parties. Organizations are finding themselves vulnerable to data loss and compliance violations due to the often undefined, decentralized, and unencrypted file sharing processes.

Join this live 45-minute online session to discover:

  • The Regulatory Landscape within Banking
  • Data from the Ponemon Research Institute on the Risks of Unsecure File Sharing
  • Current Challenges and Solutions for Controlling Your Content
  • Intralinks and the Financial Ecosystem
  • A Demonstration of Intralinks VIA for Your Secure File Exchanges

You’ll learn of a compliant means for exchanging confidential data that allows you to collect, monitor, and audit compliance information you share outside your organization.

All registrants will receive post-event access to the Ponemon Research Report, “Breaking Bad – The Risks of Unsecure File Sharing.”

Intralinks empowers players in highly regulated industries to control preparation, review, and distribution of their most confidential data in a secure and timely manner both within and outside their organizations. Over 3.1 million users from all corners of the globe have used Intralinks to securely share documents for regulatory examinations, filings, third-party oversight and streamline secure collaboration beyond the enterprise boundary.