Intralinks Webinar: “Securing Information In Motion”

Date: 6 July 2016 1:00 pm, Location: Online Webinar (1pm AEST)

Webinar Details

Date: 6 July 2016
Time: 1pm AEST
Duration: Approximately 30 minutes


Companies now collaborate with partners, vendors and clients across the globe, in real time. Business everywhere is undergoing digital transformation to enable faster and better information storing, sharing and reporting.

Yet, as the speed of information increases, so do the risks.

It’s one thing to safeguard information inside your corporate boundaries, where traditional security measures like firewalls and controlled user access can provide a reasonable level of protection for company databases and repositories.

It’s another matter entirely, however, to secure data in motion, where files leave the safety of corporate control. Email is not safe to use for sharing sensitive company information: An email can be forwarded, hacked, or easily sent by mistake to an unauthorized recipient. Similarly, FTP sites and physical media – thumb drives, for example – are vulnerable to random, unauthorized access. And consumer-grade sharing applications like Citrix, Dropbox and Box do not provide even the minimum the level of data protection required by IT departments, data security officers or global regulatory bodies.

Register today to join our live webinar, hosted by Intralinks’ ANZ Chief Technology Officer Kevin Middleton on how your enterprise can remain productive, safe and compliant. Discussion topics include:

  • Data protection that travels with documents – for the length of their lifecycle
  • Working safely on mobile technologies
  • Remaining complaint – even as international data regulations increase in scope and complexity