Tech Exec Networks (T.E.N.) and Intralinks Information Security Executive Private Dinner

Date: 2 November 2016 9:00 am, Location: Burbank, CA

A great deal of your company’s data now lives outside the company perimeter, on unmanaged devices and in storage repositories, which are not protected by traditional firewalls. Network file servers and corporate document management systems can no longer sufficiently serve as the control points for sensitive documents and files. The need to collaborate securely across international boundaries creates additional challenges for your business. Major breaches proliferating across media have elevated information security as a top-of-mind issue for many business leaders. Are we truly safeguarding against data privacy and data security — or are these breaches the tip of the iceberg?

Join us for a candid discussion with your peers as we calculate the impact of information security from a risk and cost perspective and explore real-world challenges in protecting information. We will address the biggest challenges your organization is facing and learn best practices for balancing business objectives while fueling a secure, collaborative work environment.