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Webinar: From Chaos to Control: Collaborating Securely in the Cloud 

Date: 18 June 2015 11:00 am, Location: Online Webinar (11 AM ET/4 PM UK)

Join 451 Research Senior Analyst Garrett Bekker, enterprise security expert, and Research Director Alan Pelz-Sharpe, specialist in business applications that leverage the power of the crowd and cloud, as they debate the need for organizations to share information freely without jeopardizing the security of company data. 

They will explore the answers to key questions: 

  • Can a fluffy cloud with no physical borders be truly secure? 
  • What security options should organizations be considering? 
  • Which are the best practices to keep in mind when migrating information and processes to the cloud? 
  • When every supplier says their system is secure – who can you believe?