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Acquisition International Names Intralinks Top VDR Provider of the Year in Europe and US

Date: 07/17/2014

Intralinks® Holdings Inc. (NYSE: IL), a leading, global SaaS provider of content management and collaboration solutions, today announced that Acquisition International Magazine, an editorially driven corporate finance publication, has recognized the company as ‘Virtual Data Room Provider of the Year - Europe’ and ‘Virtual Data Room Provider of the Year – USA. Acquisition International has awarded Intralinks as a top VDR for the second consecutive year.

Since their inception in 2010, the annual Acquisition International Awards have celebrated excellence, innovation and performance throughout the business, legal, financial and investment communities. 

Awards are given solely on merit, and are presented to ‘commend those most deserving for exceptional service over the last 12 months.’ The reception of these awards once again reinforces Intralinks’ consistent ability to outperform its competitors and provide the best possible service to enterprise and M&A professionals across the globe.

“This year’s winners are some of the most dedicated, forward-thinking and determined we’ve seen in all our time running these awards,” said Kathryn Turner, Chief Coordinator of the 2014 M&A Awards. 

“Their insights and expertise have been invaluable to countless businesses around the world and they have been responsible for some of the most exciting and important game-changing deals and developments over the past 12 months.”

Intralinks boasts a wide array of services for the M&A industry, most notably Intralinks Dealspace™ – a fully immersive and secure means of sharing sensitive, confidential and/or regulated content outside of the enterprise during the deal making process – and Intralinks Dealnexus™ - a socially intelligent dealmaking platform that connects thousands of buyers, sellers and M&A professionals together in order to get deals done faster.

“We’re very excited to be named once again as a leading provider of virtual data rooms,” said Phillip Whitchelo, vice president of strategy and product marketing at Intralinks.

“The recognition speaks miles to the hard work and dedication of our teams over the past year. We’re already looking ahead toward a landmark 2014 and will redouble our collaborative efforts in order to achieve it.”

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Intralinks Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: IL) is a leading, global technology provider of inter-enterprise content management and collaboration solutions. Through innovative Software-as-a-Service solutions, Intralinks solutions are designed to enable the exchange, control and management of information between organizations securely and compliantly when working through the firewall. More than 2.7 million professionals at 99% of the Fortune 1000 companies have depended on Intralinks' experience. With a track record of enabling high-stakes transactions and business collaborations valued at more than $23.5 trillion, Intralinks is a trusted provider of easy-to-use, enterprise strength, cloud-based collaboration solutions. For more information, visit

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