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Intralinks Acquires Document Security Leader docTrackr

Date: 04/23/2014

Intralinks also gives customers sole control over data encryption keys, further strengthening security and data privacy

Intralinks® Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: IL), a global SaaS provider of inter-enterprise content management and collaboration solutions, today announced the acquisition of docTrackr, a leading provider of document security solutions. docTrackr’s innovative security and digital rights management (DRM) technology will be integrated into the Intralinks platform. In addition, Intralinks announced a new service that gives organizations exclusive control over their data encryption keys, further strengthening security and data privacy by ensuring that only the key holders can access files in a readable format.
“With the acquisition of docTrackr and the availability of customer managed encryption keys, Intralinks becomes the de facto standard for collaboration and file sharing of valuable information where security, privacy and regulatory compliance are key concerns,” said Ron Hovsepian, CEO Intralinks. “docTrackr’s unique technology requires no plug-ins or viewers, allowing organizations to expand significantly their use of DRM without compromising user experiences. With docTrackr’s technology integrated into the Intralinks platform, users have lifetime control over their data and always know how documents are being used and distributed.”

The acquisition of docTrackr reflects Intralinks’ commitment to supporting the most demanding use-cases with the industry’s strongest security and data privacy. docTrackr’s innovative technologies protect and track PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, no matter where those documents are stored, shared or used. Uniquely, docTrackr combines rich document analytics, audit trails of all document activities, dynamic policy management (so that document rights can be updated, even for downloaded files) and a plug-in free deployment to ease user adoption and reduce operational support requirements. docTrackr technology is so easy to use that DRM can be used by default for every shared document. docTrackr has partnered with a number of companies, including serving as the security and DRM partner for storage and file sharing company Box and supporting DRM for Google Gmail.

“When we needed a collaboration solution for sharing sensitive financial and customer data, Intralinks was the obvious choice,” said Ashish Shah, CEO SNS Technology. “Digital rights management and customer-managed keys make sure we’re in control of our data at all times. A lot of companies talk about security and data privacy, but Intralinks actually delivers a solution we can trust.”

docTrackr’s technology will significantly enhance the DRM capabilities of the existing Intralinks platform and products, providing stronger document support, richer auditing capabilities, better controls and a much simpler user experience that will make DRM protection seamless for users.
“The combination of Intralinks and docTrackr will result in a unique solution that provides powerful protection for business documents wherever they travel,” said Clement Cazalot, CEO docTrackr. “Together, we will give enterprise CSOs and CTOs confidence so they can share their most valuable information with partners, customers and remote workers, and retain visibility and full control over their data at all times. Of all the companies offering collaboration and file sharing solutions, Intralinks was the right match because of their clear commitment to information security. We are very excited to join the Intralinks team.”

While DRM is critical to protecting content that has been shared beyond the enterprise boundary, customer-managed encryption keys (CMKs) allow enterprises to maintain full control of their hosted content without disrupting information sharing with customers and partners – a ‘best of both worlds’ for security and regulation-sensitive customers. With Intralinks CMK service, customers will be provisioned with dedicated encryption keys. Customers with their own encryption keys will be able to maintain total control of their content, while avoiding difficult on-premise application deployments that create IT complexity and operational expense.

Availability and Pricing

docTrackr is ready for beta today and will be generally available during summer 2014. Customer managed keys will be in beta in a few weeks and will also be generally available during summer 2014. For more information, contact us at

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