Intralinks and HP Collaborate to Provide Australian Data Center to Address Growing Data Sovereignty Concerns

Date: 09/29/2015

New data center will enhance security, governance and regulatory compliance

Intralinks® Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: IL), a leading, global SaaS provider of secure enterprise content collaboration solutions, today announced it will offer its solutions at a new data center in Australia using HP products and technology. The new data center, which will feature the HP Helion Platform, will deliver secure enterprise content collaboration capabilities to address growing customer demand for solutions that maintain compliance with national data sovereignty laws and regulations. The data center is expected to launch in 2016 and is part of Intralinks’ continued expansion in the region.

“Data sovereignty is a significant business issue – particularly in Asia Pacific where regulatory compliance and cultural mindsets are the top concerns when it comes to cloud-based solutions,” said Chris Zhang, senior market analyst of IDC Asia Pacific. “Companies in the region face tremendous pressure to address associated risks around data privacy and security, while balancing this with the desire to reap the full benefits of cloud computing for agility and competitiveness. Having a data center in Australia demonstrates the level of commitment Intralinks has for the region.”

Enterprises operating in Australia work with increasingly stringent data governance requirements in order to address privacy and security.  This is especially relevant when adopting software-as-a-service (SaaS) or cloud-based solutions.  Intralinks is a leader among global SaaS vendors in managing its customers’ data sovereignty requirements.  Powered by HP Helion Cloud technology, Intralinks built a next-generation application architecture that provides all the benefits of SaaS and cloud computing, coupled with controls that ensure sensitive data is stored and processed locally.  In addition to expanding geographic hosting options, Intralinks was the first content collaboration vendor to empower customers to manage their own data encryption keys – moving complete control of information to the customer.  Furthermore, Intralinks offers advanced Information Rights Management (IRM) capabilities, which give customers control over their content even after it is shared or distributed to third parties.  Taken together, these capabilities allow even the most regulated global enterprises to use Intralinks for sharing and collaborating on high-risk information and documents.

“We are pleased that Intralinks used HP technology to create cloud-based content collaboration solutions for customers, and built its next-generation application architecture with HP to drive business growth,” said Aman Neil Dokania, vice president and general manager, Cloud, Asia Pacific and Japan, HP. “By building their solutions on an open, secure and agile cloud platform, Intralinks will enable its customers to collaborate more efficiently on a global scale and improve capabilities to address information security and regulatory compliance issues.”

“Organizations want all the benefits of cloud computing, but face a growing list of regulations that require strict control over where certain data is stored and processed,” said Javier Colado, APAC president, Intralinks. “Organizations need options to help them meet current and future data sovereignty regulations. By leveraging our innovative platform capabilities, we’re able to provide a file sharing and collaboration solution that helps our customers adapt and meet these regulatory requirements. This is all done without ever compromising business productivity.”

Intralinks will work with Canberra Data Centre, a leading supplier of highly secure, flexible data center services and the largest supplier of data center capacity to the Australian Federal Government. “Intralinks is a recognized leader in enterprise collaboration solutions for regulated industries,” said Greg Boorer, CEO, Canberra Data Centre.  ‘’We are pleased to help Intralinks to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet data security and data sovereignty requirements that are top of mind for any enterprise customer in Australia.”

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