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Intralinks Announces the Content Collaboration Network 

Date: 05/12/2016

Integrations with popular enterprise content management and cloud storage systems, enhanced security redefines high-value content collaboration 

Intralinks® Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: IL), a global content collaboration company for high value content and processes, has announced significant new integration and security capabilities to power its new Content Collaboration NetworkTM. The enhancements deliver on Intralinks’ continued commitment to solving three key collaboration challenges for its customers: data privacy, global regulatory compliance and the ability to accelerate business beyond geographical and departmental boundaries. The Content Collaboration Network, powered by the Intralinks platform, offers integration with popular content systems such as enterprise content management (ECM) software and cloud vendors, strengthened security and governance features and improved user interface and administration features.


“Content is the lifeblood of the business, containing mission-critical information and helping companies make the highest of business decisions,” explained Ron Hovsepian, CEO of Intralinks. “In this content-centric age, organizations need solutions that do more than just aggregate and store files. Collaboration solutions must allow data to flow freely, but also keep files secure, accessible and compliant. The security and flexibility of the Content Collaboration Network furthers that mission and gives our customers greater control over how they purposefully collaborate.”


The Intralinks platform meets the needs of all business stakeholders responsible for handling enterprise content: the enterprise user who demands ease-of-use and integration with existing applications; the IT team, who must protect data from unsanctioned access; and the risk and compliance manager, who is tasked with maintaining regulatory governance in each geographic region of operation. New capabilities to the platform include:

  • Third-party ECM and cloud storage integrations: Intralinks will add new integrations to common ECM, collaboration and cloud storage tools such as FileNet, SharePoint and Documentum, as well as popular cloud storage applications like Box and Dropbox.
  • Information rights management (IRM): Plug-in free IRM capabilities protect content wherever it travels on the network, as well as offline access to IRM-enabled content. New enhancements ensure documents can be fully protected, even when accessed offline, and users can UNshare™ content at any time. 
  • Data loss prevention (DLP): In partnership with Symantec, users have the ability to extend DLP rules to the network to leverage existing information security investments, further combining the Content Collaboration Network with existing assets.


“Poor collaboration techniques and working in silos is a source of frustration for all of us,” said Melissa Webster, program vice president, content and digital media at IDC. “As the enterprise content management and collaboration markets evolve to solve modern content and collaboration challenges, technologies that connect both worlds will become increasingly valuable. This is especially true for processes that are highly-regulated and require the protection of personally identifiable information and fully auditable control over the content lifecycle.”

About the Content Collaboration Network
The Intralinks Content Collaboration Network provides fully auditable, neutral workspaces, flexibility for data privacy and a frictionless user experience for getting work done. Businesses can seamlessly connect employees, enterprise applications and business processes within dedicated workspaces that are designed to support and enhance workflows, as opposed to traditional file folders that keep information in silos. Working within the Content Collaboration Network gives peace of mind that rules of governance are adhered to and that content is protected through its entire lifecycle as it flows to and from the appropriate endpoints on the network.

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About Intralinks 
​Intralinks Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: IL) is a global content collaboration company that provides cloud-based solutions to control the sharing, distribution and management of high value content within and across organizations according to the highest-level of security and the most stringent compliance regulations. Over 90,000 clients, 99% of the Fortune 1000 companies, have depended on Intralinks' to digitally transform and simplify critical business processes, and secure high-value information. With a nearly 20-year track record of enabling high-stakes transactions and business collaborations valued at more than $28.1 trillion, Intralinks is a trusted provider of easy-to-use, enterprise strength, cloud-based collaboration technology. For more information, visit

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