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Intralinks Expands Capabilities of Intralinks VIA with Productivity-Enhancing Tools

Date: 11/04/2013

Intralinks VIA improves user productivity with new organizational and Work Stream alert features and expanded local language support

New features include:

  • Work Stream folders – Large sets of content and numbers of Work Streams can be organized in an intuitive manner using Intralinks VIA or Intralinks VIA Mobile. Easy sorting of files and folders allows content to be located quickly for improved productivity. 
  • Work Stream email alert management – Users can control email alert volume for individual Work Streams and subscribe/unsubscribe from individual Work Stream alerts. 
  • Work Stream email alert enhancements – Email alerts now include the comments that generated the notification, so users can easily access information and take action more quickly.
  • Work Stream user interface enhancements – File size is now displayed online so users can quickly see this information. 
  • Local language support – In addition to English, Intralinks VIA is now available in French, German and Brazilian Portuguese. It also supports U.K. date formats. 
  • Mobile support for iOS 7 – Users can run Intralinks VIA Mobile on iPads®, with support for iOS 7 and iOS 6.

These new features and improvements will be available to existing and new Intralinks VIA customers under the current subscription pricing. Existing Intralinks single sign-on (SSO) customers will be able to take advantage of the Intralinks VIA SSO capabilities under their current SSO license agreement. Additional fees will apply to new customers that wish to order the Intralinks SSO offering.

Intralinks VIA gives employees the freedom to share information and collaborate in today’s complex business environment, reducing the risk of compliance failures, IP loss and reputational damage. With security at the document level, Intralinks VIA significantly minimizes the risk of information leakage by allowing users to unshare as easily as they share, and expands their infrastructure for the greatest ease of use.

Pricing and Availability

Intralinks VIA is immediately available as a free, 30-day trial at

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