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Intralinks Expands its Customer Service Operations in Northern Europe

Date: 09/05/2012

Intralinks opens new office in Amsterdam to support growing M&A business division 

Intralinks® (NYSE: IL), a leading, global technology provider of inter-enterprise content management and collaboration solutions, today announced that it is expanding its customer service capabilities in mainland Europe with the opening of a new office in Amsterdam. 

This expansion is designed to extend Intralinks’ customer service operations to better support the growing demand for Intralinks’ Dealspace® offering. 

In the first half of 2012, the number of mergers and acquisitions facilitated on a global basis through Intralinks’ platform increased markedly over the first half of 2011. The new office, which is located in De Entree toren A, will host a services organization fluent in six languages and will serve as a central service hub for customers and third parties who use Intralinks Dealspace to facilitate transactional due diligence. This new services hub will be leveraged by all parties involved in a deal – not just Intralinks’ direct customers – to ensure the cohesive delivery of real-time activities taking place on Intralinks’ platform. 

“Intralinks has an established market presence in virtual data rooms, and our service expansion in Europe underlines both the growing success of Intralinks Dealspace and the importance of the services component of our offering,” says Derek Flynn, managing director and senior vice president sales, EMEA. “Our customers receive a dedicated support network, and the new Amsterdam office reflects our commitment to ensuring a positive end-to-end user experience across all European regions and beyond. As the leader in secure inter-enterprise collaboration services, we will continue to offer our enterprise customers the highest level of service and knowledge in tandem with our support to our transactional customer base in Europe via our UK head office and officers in the field.” 

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