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Recent Alleged Hacking Highlights Risks: Intralinks Offers Best Practices to Minimize Security Risks around File Sharing, Content Management, and Collaboration

Date: 06/07/2012

In the wake of recent reports claiming Mitt Romney’s file sharing and email accounts were compromised, Intralinks offers to provide candidates with free use of its inter-enterprise content and collaboration platform

Over the past few days there have been several high-profile information security breaches reported including the alleged hacking of Mitt Romney’s email and file sharing service and the reported leaking of LinkedIn passwords. 

Intralinks® (NYSE: IL), a leading, global technology provider of inter-enterprise content management, file sharing, and collaboration solutions, is offering thoughts on best practices when it comes to the ability to safely and securely control, track, search, and exchange sensitive information.

Several best practices that Intralinks recommends to minimize security risks include:

  • Use as strong a password as possible including mixing numbers, upper and lower case letters and symbols;
  • Ensure you have mechanisms to change passwords on a regular basis to maintain account security;
  • Ensure your infrastructure can properly provision and de-provision users in a quick and efficient manner;
  • Ensure you have the digital rights management capabilities to assign, control, and revoke documents as necessary to limit access to critical information; 
  • Seek to use business-focused solutions that can be standardized across the enterprise;
  • Ensure you have the capabilities that allow you to easily track who, when, and how many times people have accessed a file;
  • Implement watermarking capabilities to discourage sharing of files and documents; and
  • Provide the ability to prohibit storing documents and information locally to the mobile device.

Regarding the alleged hacking of Mitt Romney’s email and file sharing service accounts, Intralinks is pleased to extend the offer of free use of Intralinks Connect℠ to both presidential candidates for their data sharing needs. Intralinks employs a high level of security best practices which would provide both candidates with the ability to control, track, search, and exchange sensitive information amongst their own teams and with outside partners safely and securely.

“Our clients include Fortune 1000 firms in the financial, real estate, M&A, and life science industries and we feel that those involved in the presidential election would benefit greatly from using the same advanced, secure file sharing methods used by these companies,” said Rainer Gawlick, Intralinks CMO. “Intralinks’ products enable any users, within or outside an organization, to share content and collaborate with business partners beyond the firewall while maintaining control and adhering to compliance requirements.”

Intralinks is a leading, global technology provider of inter-enterprise content management and collaboration solutions. Our innovative Software-as-a-Service solutions enable the exchange, management, and control of documents and content between organizations securely and compliantly when working through the firewall.

Intralinks encourages representatives from each campaign to reach out for more details about the company’s offer. Please contact Will Nikosey at or 646-747-7150.