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Three Rivers Legal Services Selects Intralinks to Help Transform Lives 

Date: 05/16/2016

Legal Non-profit Uses Secure Content Collaboration to Help Homeless Clients Protect their Privacy


New York, NY, May 16, 2016Intralinks® Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: IL), a global content collaboration company for high value content and processes, today announced that Three Rivers Legal Services  (TRLS) relies on Intralinks to securely store and share critical files containing personally identifiable information (PII) of its clients. TRLS is a non-profit law firm dedicated to the provision of quality legal assistance to the poor, abused, disabled and neglected, and to their empowerment through preventive legal education.


When you’re homeless, keeping track of your personal identification, birth certificate, legal papers and other documents is a major challenge that those who are not homeless take for granted. While living on the streets and in shelters, homeless people learn the hard way that theft, weather damage and incidental losses are just a few of the things that destroy the important papers they need to receive medical care, access to public benefits, apply for jobs and ultimately build a path to independent living. TRLS realized that the homeless needed a reliable, secure and easy way to access their important documents.


"Traditionally, we stored legal documents and other files belonging to our homeless clients on an internal case management system,” said Mark Watson, homelessness outreach advocate, TRLS. “When I was in the field working with people at libraries, parks, shelters and government offices, I wasn't able to access these files from my smartphone. And, mailing copies of these documents to our homeless clients often was not possible.”


Initially, TRLS considered storing client documents on Google Drive or Dropbox but became concerned about the security and privacy issues with these cloud service providers. After a review of options, TRLS selected Intralinks. Now, lawyers at TRLS not only have a secure and compliant cloud-based enterprise content collaboration platform for hosting client documents, but also have a secure address for delivery of these documents to their clients. Further, their clients can access these documents from their smartphones or tablets or can log into Intralinks from a computer at a local library or other locations. Through Intralinks, TRLS’ clients have a solution with enterprise-grade security that they can use to share documents with medical professionals, government entities and others. Intralinks’ permission-based access controls ensure that documents are only available to outside parties as and when authorized.


 “Intralinks is having a transformative impact on the lives of homeless people,” said Christine Larson, executive director, TRLS. "With Intralinks and our legal aid support, a client with a broken leg who was living under a tree got access to documents that helped him receive disability benefits and medical treatment. He eventually secured an apartment and his entire life turned around."


“The non-profit legal world values client privacy and security, but still needs a safe way to store and share sensitive information,” said Daren Glenister, field CTO, Intralinks. “Our confidence in Intralinks enables the TRLS team to store sensitive client information in a way that speeds positive outcomes for the homeless population and provides economic benefits to the local economy. The last thing this population needs is to have their PII fall into the wrong hands. With Intralinks, TRLS can trust in its ability to protect its clients’ sensitive information and contribute significantly to transforming its clients’ lives.”

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