MobileIron for Intralinks VIA® (iOS)

This webpage provides the information necessary for a successful download and distribution of a MobileIron-enabled application.

MobileIron Overview

MobileIron has developed a mobile device and mobile application management solution that allows third-party applications to integrate with their security capabilities using a library called AppConnect. Mobile applications that are wrapped with this AppConnect library can then be managed by MobileIron policies and security controls.

AppConnect manages the complete life cycle of mobile apps and app data by:

  • Enabling security and management features
  • Distributing apps to authorized devices
  • Delivering app configurations and policies to apps at runtime
  • Reporting analytical usage data for apps
  • Revoking app privileges and data from remote devices as necessary

On a mobile device, AppConnect-enabled apps reside within a secure container. Admins authorize apps to run on selected mobile devices in this container and may configure a policy to set a mandatory passcode on the app.

Intralinks is providing an AppConnect-enabled version of Intralinks VIA for iOS. This application takes advantage of the security features offered by the AppConnect.

Get the App

The MobileIron AppConnect enabled version of Intralinks VIA is available as an in-house custom application. For more details on how to download Intralinks VIA for your mobile device, please contact your support organization.

Distribution Instructions

  • From admin portal, go to "Apps"
  • Change platform to iOS
  • Click "Add App" and upload the MobileIron-enabled Intralinks VIA iOS app; please see above for the download location; at this point, the administrator has the ability to fill in any information that is wanted, but no changes are needed to proceed
  • From the list of iOS apps, select the checkbox next to the app name, and from the "Actions" menu select "Apply to Label" to add the application to all iOS devices
  • From the "Policies & Configs" tab, you can modify the APPPOLICY and APPCONFIG for the iOS app just uploaded
  • Once any changes are made, you will need to select the APPPOLICY and APPCONFIG and from the "More Actions" menu, and select "Apply to Label" to add the policy and config to all iOS devices

Configuration Guide

A configuration guide for the app is located here

Features and Functionality

In addition to the available authorization and policy settings, administrators can enable DLP (Data Loss Prevention) controls, such as:

  • Open In … - Admins can configure the open in function to control or limit what files can be opened in other apps. Available settings are Allowed, Disallowed, or Only to AppConnect apps.
  • Pasteboard – Admins can enable or disable the copy/paste functionality on each device

In addition, AppConnect makes it possible to distribute iOS and Android apps in a simple, easy to use and IT controlled manner. The Mobile@Work app on the device is notified when the administrator chooses to make the Intralinks VIA app available. The app guides the end user through app download and install process for the app, making it simple and fast for users get started with Intralinks VIA mobile APP in a secure manner. 


Support for this application is available from Intralinks (24/7).