Elevate Collaboration with Intralinks Business Platform

Drive productivity with the right business collaboration platform.

When files and documents are the lifeblood of your operations, a business collaboration platform gives you the productivity boost you need to drive business growth.

To maintain effectiveness and productivity, employees need easy access to mission-critical information. A business collaboration platform lets you do more with your content than simply aggregate and store it. The right enterprise collaboration software enables data to safely flow throughout your organization and across your firewall to partners, vendors and customers -- while keeping files accessible, compliant and secure.

When choosing a business collaboration platform, ease-of-use and management is essential. That’s why companies choose Intralinks for business file management and cross enterprise collaboration.

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Make file sharing easy with Intralinks’ business collaboration platform.

Intralinks’ business collaboration platform provides a highly flexible, cloud-based solution for enterprise collaboration and cross enterprise document sharing. With Intralinks, your employees can seamlessly connect with colleagues, external contacts, enterprise applications and business processes using dedicated workspaces designed to support workflows. Rather than using traditional file folders that keep information in silos, Intralinks’ business collaboration platform lets you make documents available across boundaries while protecting data from breaches and facilitating regulatory compliance.

Intralinks’ business collaboration platform is a SaaS-based solution, which enables quick deployment and reduces cost by eliminating capital expenses for hardware, software and infrastructure. With a proven 20-year track record in security – Intralinks has never been hacked and client content has never been compromised – employees can freely collaborate and share data without fear.

With more than 90,000 customers, Intralinks facilitates enterprise collaboration for organizations in nearly every industry and across a wide variety of applications including syndicated lending, client communications, post-merger integration, legal document management and more.

Additional benefits of Intralinks’ business collaboration platform.

Intralinks’ business collaboration platform enables you to:

  • Collaborate freely: Share files using simple file sync and share, collaborative team workspaces or a virtual data room.
  • Keep file-level control: Set permissions for accessing, editing, downloading and printing documents, and use Intralinks UNshare® to revoke access – even if the file has been downloaded to a personal device.
  • Boost productivity: Let users work anytime, anywhere with desktop applications for Windows and Mac, web access, and mobile apps for Android and iOS.
  • Secure files: Share documents without worrying about data breaches. Intralinks automatically encrypts each document uploaded to its business collaboration platform.

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