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Capital raising is a highly competitive endeavor. Investors have more options than ever, so they demand greater due diligence and responsiveness from potential partners. To succeed in this high-pressure environment, you need tools that can give you a distinct advantage when it comes to investor communication, collaboration and file sharing.

The Intralinks platform enables rapid, secure document sharing, so you can manage the capital raising process more effectively. Bottom line: Intralinks lets you respond more quickly, work more efficiently and keep sensitive information secure, giving you the edge you need in capital raising.

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Intralinks makes capital raising easier and more secure.

Thousands of companies around the world, have trusted Intralinks to provide secure collaboration solutions for their capital raising operations. From solutions for partner and vendor collaboration to a deal management system and the largest deal network in the world, Intralinks facilitates secure document exchange in virtually every industry.

Intralinks’ platform makes capital raising faster and more effective. We provide a secure repository where you can easily store, share and manage large volumes of documents and files. Our management tools streamline workflows and improve collaboration with key stakeholders. File sharing capabilities let you distribute documents and presentations to a large number of prospective investors, and APIs connect to your CRM so you can improve relationship management at the same time.

Key benefits of capital raising with Intralinks.

With Intralinks’ tools for capital raising, you can:

  • Gather intelligence more effectively: Streamline data collection processes, alert prospects to newly posted documents and generate user activity reports to track and gauge investor interest.
  • Connect to a global community of investors: Present investment opportunities to the world’s largest hosted community of GPs and LPs, including endowments, consultants, foundations, pensions and sovereign wealth funds.
  • Build your brand: Create brand consistency across channels and customer touch points, customize your login page to match the look and feel of your website and improve investor confidence by white labeling VDRs and communications.
  • Protect highly sensitive information: Provide transparency while keeping confidential information secure, and manage permissions to view, edit and print documents, even for files that have been downloaded to private computers and devices.

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