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Drive business growth with cross enterprise collaboration.

Cross enterprise collaboration streamlines operations and improves productivity. From managing mergers and acquisitions to accelerating drug development and ensuring regulatory compliance, cross enterprise collaboration through secure content sharing can expedite the processes that keep your business competitive and profitable.

The challenges, of course, are immense. How do you share files easily, across firewalls, platforms, devices and locations? How do you protect sensitive information when it leaves your secure environment and is downloaded to personal computers and mobile devices around the world?

Intralinks provides a secure platform for business file sharing and virtual deal room solutions that let you share sensitive material with partners, vendors, clients and regulators without fearing data breaches. Intralinks makes cross enterprise collaboration safe and simple, so you can focus on business instead of worrying about security.

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Enable efficient cross enterprise collaboration with Intralinks.

Intralinks VIA® is a unified cross enterprise collaboration platform that provides everything from basic file sync and share functionality to collaborative team workspaces and large-scale virtual data rooms. Use it to create a collaboration network and see how powerful and simple it is to safely and cost-effectively share files and sensitive data.

Intralinks is designed for organizations that operate in complex, regulated and global markets and provides collaboration capabilities via web browsers, desktop applications and mobile devices. Our file sharing for business solutions are built on a scalable SaaS platform, which eliminates the need for new hardware and lets you deploy cross enterprise collaboration technology quickly without capital costs.

Companies rely on Intralinks to protect critical documents, simplify business processes and enable cross enterprise collaboration.


Key benefits of Intralinks’ cross enterprise collaboration technology.

When you enable cross enterprise collaboration with Intralinks, you can:

  • Collaborate effortlessly: Share files with anyone, anywhere, on any device. Sync files across multiple devices.
  • Externalize content: Make documents in SharePoint® and other ECM systems available to external contacts without compromising security.
  • Prevent leaks and breaches: Eliminate use of consumer-grade file sharing tools that compromise security and governance.
  • Control access: Determine who can view, edit, print and download shared files. Revoke access at any time – even after files have been downloaded to personal devices.
  • Ensure security: Automatically encrypt every document to embed security in files as they travel.

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