Data sovereignty

Solving the complex challenges of data sovereignty.

Data sovereignty has become more complex as organizations have increased their utilization of cloud storage. Laws governing data sovereignty are evolving, and overlapping jurisdictions often have more than one set of regulations, which makes maintaining compliance dramatically more difficult.

Compliance officers, privacy officers and legal teams face significant data sovereignty challenges, particularly concerning how and where enterprise data is stored in the cloud. For instance, if data originates in one country, is shared with contacts globally and stored in data centers around the world, who is responsible for ensuring compliance with local regulations? Who has jurisdiction over the data?

As the leading provider of solutions for enterprise collaboration and cloud file sharing with permissions, Intralinks takes a multi-layered approach to data sovereignty and document rights management. Our tools allow companies to create flexible strategies to manage data sovereignty and maintain compliance.

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Intralinks makes it easy to comply with data sovereignty regulations.

Intralinks tackles data sovereignty challenges, so you don’t have to. We enable you to comply with the regulations governing your information and industry, and make it easy to manage the ever-growing complexity of data sovereignty.

With more than 20 years of experience in financial services and other highly regulated industries, we’re ready to help you manage current regulatory environments and deal with process changes as they occur.

Components of Intralinks’ data sovereignty solution.

Our approach to data sovereignty includes three key factors:

  • Information rights management (IRM) embeds security directly into each file, enables document owners to instantly revoke access to any document at any time and provides control of viewing, printing and editing permissions.
  • Distributed content nodes is a hybrid cloud approach where Intralinks manages the application and customers determine where their data is stored and processed.

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