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From deal sourcing to negotiations and due diligence, tracking deal flow can be a complex and time-consuming job – one that is nonetheless critical to your firm’s success. Staying on top of deal flow with spreadsheets, Word® documents and manual tools can quickly become overwhelming, especially when you’re working multiple deal opportunities simultaneously.

Intralinks can help. As the world’s leading provider of secure collaboration and file sharing solutions, we deliver deal flow management software that simplifies and automates all aspects of managing deal flow.

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Intralinks solutions for improving deal flow.

Intralinks provides a secure enterprise platform that lets you safely and efficiently collaborate with anyone, anytime, and anywhere. With highly configurable workspaces, file-level document security and granular access controls, our platform makes it easy to manage deal flow and share sensitive information without worrying about where it will end up.

Intralinks’ tools for managing deal flow include Intralinks Dealnexus®, a powerful solution for maintaining a constant high-level overview of available deals worldwide. With Intralinks Dealnexus®, you can easily tap into a global collection of deal flow networks to access thousands of M&A professionals and actionable opportunities. Create specific deal alerts to identify opportunities based on your acquisition preferences, and broadcast buy-side mandates to attract proprietary deals.

With deal flow tools from Intralinks, you can:

  • Manage the deal pipeline: Track deal flow, maintain clear records, improve pipeline visibility and compare qualitative and quantitative metrics to decide which deals to pursue.
  • Accelerate due diligence: Set up a virtual data room (VDR) to speed internal and external collaboration, manage the Q&A process and ensure that subject matter experts review your questions.
  • Improve efficiency: Leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to dramatically reduce time required to process legal reviews, and reduce regulatory risk by reviewing documents more thoroughly.
  • Streamline post-merger integration: Give integration teams a structured set of tools to help in the final stages of the deal process, and seamlessly transition information between dealmaking departments and functional teams.

Forecast M&A activity with Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor.

Our Deal Flow Predictor provides a highly accurate forecast of M&A activity around the world. With Intralinks, you can get a read on sector- and location-specific activity as much as six months in advance of your competitors. Plan, source and execute on opportunities in your deal flow network with a clear view of sell-side M&A mandates and deals reaching due diligence.

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