Efficient M&A Deal Flow Networks

Better deal flow networks produce better deals.

When it comes to deal flow networks, bigger is better. The broader your deal flow networks, the greater your chance of finding highly qualified prospects faster and with less effort.

Intralinks’ DealMarketingTM solution helps you optimize your deal flow networks by streamlining the painstaking deal marketing process. With less manual effort, you can identify, track and engage and your best buyers. 

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Maximize effectiveness of deal flow networks with Intralinks.

Intralinks is the world’s leading provider of enterprise-grade collaboration and document exchange solutions like DealMarketingTM and VDRProTM. Our secure enterprise platform provides large-scale virtual data rooms and team workspaces that let you collaborate with anyone, anywhere, at any time, while ensuring the highest security standards.

Key benefits of Intralinks’ DealMarketingTM deal flow networks solution.

With Intralinks’ deal flow networks and powerful deal flow management tools, you can:

  • Target buyers more effectively: identify prospects based on qualitative and quantitative metrics and generate six-month forecasts of global and regional M&A activity with the Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor®.
  • Capture your actions automatically – eliminating manual tracking
  • Use dedicated storage for transaction notes, key documents as well as buyer lists, activity and profiles
  • Track buyer engagement by confirming when a buyer views documents
  • Automate watermarking and ensure the right documents get the right level of security
  • Manage deal flow more efficiently: Track deal flow with a clear and concise system of record, and improve visibility into your deal pipeline.
  • Accelerate M&A due diligence: Use virtual data rooms to streamline document sharing and collaboration. Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to dramatically reduce time required to process legal reviews, and improve due diligence to manage operational and regulatory risk more effectively.

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