Comprehensive Deal Management Systems

Intralinks’ deal management system simplifies dealmaking.

To compete in the high-stakes world of dealmaking and loan origination, banks need to streamline the syndicated loan process and execute deals more efficiently. When managing multiple deals and loans simultaneously, you’ve got to communicate with a variety of stakeholders, maintain clear insight into the financing structure during origination and execution activities, and reduce risk while improving efficiency and effectiveness. Intralinks’ deal management system is the answer.

Intralinks’ deal management system is designed to help you handle these tasks easily and efficiently, so you can work smarter rather than harder. With deal management software tools that allow you to store, organize and extract deal information in a structured way, you can optimize your firm’s deal management process.

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A deal management system built for professionals.

Intralinks provides an industry-leading secure collaboration and corporate file sharing solution that improves employee productivity in virtually any industry. Our cloud-based platform enables organizations to store, manage and access information more easily and efficiently.

Intralinks’ corporate development software lets you manage all aspects of the deal. Our business file sharing technology lets you access information when and where you need it – quickly, accurately and securely. Your relationship managers, originators, syndicate and sales desk employees will get real-time visibility into the details of every deal, throughout the deal lifecycle.

Core features of Intralinks’ deal management system include:

  • Deal execution and dashboards
  • Business intelligence and pipeline management
  • Syndication and book building
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) and notes

Here’s what you can accomplish with a deal management system from Intralinks.

With Intralinks’ deal management system, you can:

  • Manage data: Track characteristics of each deal, gauge the interest of investors, keep records of conversations with potential investors and borrowers, and manage allocations.
  • Enhance security: Control and track who sees what information inside and outside of your organization.
  • Improve deal management: Handle every aspect of deals more effectively with broad visibility and tighter control across the entire deal lifecycle, from pre-mandate to closing.
  • Streamline data storage: Establish one secure repository for historical information and marketing insights.
  • Leverage information: Gain business intelligence that lets you develop pitches with a higher probability of closing.
  • Hone targeting capabilities: Match borrowers and investors more efficiently with clearer insight into client interactions.

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