Strengthen your deal network

Strengthen your deal network with Intralinks.

The breadth and quality of your deal network has a direct impact on the volume and value of the deals you make. A deal network that casts a wider net will deliver more opportunities; a network that delivers more high-qualified prospects will enable you to find the right deal faster.

In the past, deal sourcing and deal marketing were highly labor-intensive, and drew heavily on manual research and communication. Well, put aside your Rolodex because it’s high time your deal network extends beyond the confines of your personal contacts.

With access to a broader deal network and tools to automate your search for the best buyer or the right deal opportunity, our platform fills your pipeline faster, accelerates deal flow and simplifies deal lifecycle management.

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Intralinks offers the world’s largest deal network of M&A opportunities.

Intralinks is a global leader in secure collaboration and enterprise file sharing solutions. Our cloud-based collaboration platform and deal network management tools simplify due diligence, accelerate post-merger integration, improve investor reporting, and streamline collaboration in a wide variety of industries and applications.

Intralinks Dealnexus gives you access to the world’s largest deal network, sourcing deals from more than 3,800 investment banks and M&A advisory firms worldwide, and more than 7,000 member firms and 12,000 M&A professionals.

With Intralinks, you can manage the deal lifecycle from start to finish. The platform provides easy-to-use tools for researching private equity deal sourcing firms, individuals and portfolio companies, and makes it easy to engage other deal professionals to expand your deal network. Make the most of recent successes by sharing them within your deal network, maintain a robust profile and drive awareness of your firm.

Benefits of Intralinks© solution for managing your deal network.

When you choose to manage your deal network with Intralinks, you can:

  • Market more effectively: Generate an intelligent buyer list based on key transaction criteria, use interactive content to engage buyers, and gain insight into those who are the best fit.
  • Source deals easily: Find actionable opportunities in real-time, create deal alerts based on acquisition preferences, and broadcast buy-side mandates to your deal network.
  • Manage deals efficiently: Automate manual processes, transition to an online data room when due diligence begins and streamline workflows while maintaining security standards.

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