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Simplify deal pipeline management with Intralinks.

In the world of mergers and acquisitions, success begins with effective deal pipeline management. To keep your deal pipeline full and moving, you need to find your best buyers quicker and close deals faster.

More deals in the pipeline, however, means more time spent qualifying potential buyers that match your acquisition preferences. That’s where the right deal marketing solution really pays off. Intralinks DealMarketingTM lets you target, track and qualify a vast number of potential buyers. Our DealVisionTM solution lets acquirors streamline and drive more productive due diligence. And our newly enhanced VDRProTM accelerates every phase of the deal.

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Intralinks makes deal pipeline management more effective and efficient.

Intralinks is a leading provider of secure collaboration and file sharing solutions to enterprises worldwide. More than 90,000 companies around the globe have trusted Intralinks to help streamline, manage and secure the exchange of highly sensitive information. Intralinks’ secure enterprise platform provides all the tools, features and processes necessary to collaborate safely, efficiently and globally.

Our deal management system enables you to better facilitate deal marketing and deal pipeline management. 

Key benefits of Intralinks DealMarketingTM deal pipeline management solution.

Intralinks is streamlining the painstaking deal marketing process. With less manual effort, more insights and more security, we’re protecting NDAs, CIMs and reputations everywhere.

  • Capture your actions automatically – eliminating manual tracking
  • Use dedicated storage for transaction notes, key documents as well as buyer lists, activity and profiles
  • Track buyer engagement by confirming when a buyer views documents
  • Automate watermarking and ensure the right documents get the right level of security
  • Streamline due diligence: Simplify document exchange with virtual data rooms, quickly review documents with artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, and access all the information you need to evaluate offers.

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