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Accelerate the deal process with the right deal room software.

When relying on a virtual data room (VDR) or deal room, your deal room software can make or break the deal process.

Superior deal room software delivers all the tools you need for fast, efficient and secure document exchange. In order to speed adoption and allow employees and partners to focus on negotiations rather than struggling with complex technology, your virtual data room software must be easy to use. Deal room software should also make it easy to organize documents, track file activity, simplify audits and regulatory reporting and streamline post-merger integration.

Above all, deal room software must provide the highest level of security to protect sensitive materials that pass through your data room. Users must be able to share documents and collaborate without fear that proprietary and valuable information could end up in the wrong hands.

As the world’s leading provider of solutions for secure file sharing and collaboration, Intralinks can help. We deliver a powerful cloud-based deal room software solution that’s trusted by nearly every company in the Fortune 1000.

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Intralinks’ deal room software provides all the tools you need to manage secure collaboration.

Intralinks® Virtual Data Room Edition is the industry’s leading deal room software. It facilitates more than 6,000 transactions annually, and is built to support and accelerate high-stakes, strategic transactions like M&A due diligence and partnership negotiation. Our deal room and corporate development software provides a feature-rich workspace that streamlines collaboration, optimizes deal value, protects sensitive documents and meets compliance demands.

Intralinks© deal room software provides a comprehensive set of tools that support the deal process and enable:

  • Easy access: Deploy intuitive workspace applications for computer and browser-based access and native mobile apps for anywhere, anytime, any device content sharing and collaboration.
  • Fast file sharing: Leverage features that speed collaboration, including a desktop bulk upload and configuration tool, full text indexing and search with optical character recognition.
  • Custom workflows: Configure question-and-answer workflows for managing multi-stakeholder deals and key deal types.
  • Simple administration: Make our 24/7 multilingual support available to users, and provide dedicated customer service managers to help with startup and implementing best practices.

Intralinks Designer deal room software for managing multiple VDRs.

Intralinks Designer is an innovative tool for organizing and managing a secure VDR and multiple data rooms. Our deal room software provides drag-and-drop functionality and setup wizards to quickly create file and folder structures. Adding users and setting permissions is fast and easy, and Intralinks Designer, helps ensure that the right files are in the right place, for the right people, at the right time.

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