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Deal sourcing is the lifeblood of your business. The better you are at it, the easier it is to find the right buyers and close deals more quickly. In competitive markets, deal sourcing and deal marketing require the kind of speed and accuracy that only specialized technology solutions, like Intralinks, can provide. Sorry, we know it’s hard to say goodbye but you just can’t rely on your Rolodex for deal sourcing anymore.

Intralinks is a cloud-based deal sourcing solution that connects you to thousands of strategic acquirers and capital partners. With the world’s most extensive network of qualified M&A professionals, our deal sourcing platform can help you manage your deal lifecycle from start to finish.

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Connect to global deal sourcing opportunities.

Intralinks is a leading provider of enterprise file sharing and collaboration solutions that help organizations store, manage and share information easily and securely. With more than 90,000 customers worldwide, Intralinks solutions have been selected by companies.

Our deal sourcing technology provides instantaneous access to a deal network of more than 3,800 investment banks and M&A advisory firms worldwide, as well as 7,000 member firms and 12,000 M&A professionals. Use Intralinks’ deal sourcing tools to research private equity deal sourcing firms, individuals and portfolio companies, and key transaction criteria to find matching buyers who are actively seeking deals.

Intralinks makes deal marketing easy, too. Automate processes and streamline workflows to reach more potential buyers quickly and effectively. Use interactive content to engage them, and automated reporting for insight into how they interact with your key marketing materials. As the engagement progresses, transition content to an online deal room and take off running when due diligence begins.

Advantages of Intralinks’ deal sourcing solution.

When you choose Intralinks to manage deal sourcing and marketing, you can:

  • Accelerate sourcing and marketing: Build a secure deal profile with key transaction criteria, improve deal flow by quickly and accurately identifying potential buyers, and source deal opportunities in real time.
  • Leverage your deal network: Ensure visibility on buyers’ lists by providing up-to-date portfolio company data and investment criteria, and expand your network easily by engaging with other deal professionals.
  • Maximize resources: Automate manual processes to free up staff resources for activities that have more impact.
  • Target outreach activities: Create specific deal alerts to identify opportunities based on acquisition preferences, and broadcast buy-side mandates to track proprietary deals.

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