Document rights management

Protect enterprise files with a secure document rights management solution.

Document rights management technology provides superior protection for digital documents and files that are critical to your business.

Your employees need access to documents anywhere, anytime and on any device. While file sharing solutions facilitate collaboration, most were not designed to prioritize security and cannot provide adequate data protection.

Document rights management software promotes secure collaboration by protecting documents at the file level rather than the network perimeter. With the right system, your documents will be immune to typical vulnerabilities and threats. Even if the environment is compromised, your files remain secure behind document-level encryption.

Intralinks information rights management (IRM) is a document rights management solution that gives you complete control over your documents for their entire lifecycles. By providing end-to-end encryption of each individual file and granular permissions control, you can rest assured that your content is safe no matter where it resides or who accesses it.

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Superior document rights management from Intralinks.

Intralinks IRM gives you the freedom to collaborate and share files freely while retaining complete control over your content. Documents can be controlled remotely, including permissions settings to create, view, edit and distribute files. Access to a document can be revoked at any time – even after it has been downloaded to a mobile device or personal computer.

Intralinks’ document rights management technology assigns a unique encryption key to each document, and distributes keys using asymmetric cryptography. Any user attempting to access a file protected by Intralinks’ document rights management must authenticate before receiving a decryption key through a secured transport channel. For high-security organizations, Intralinks offers customer managed keys, so clients can retain sole and complete control over their encryption keys.

To simplify regulatory compliance, the Intralinks platform automatically compiles thorough audit trails for activities such as distribution and file access.

Key advantages of document rights management with Intralinks.

With Intralinks’ document rights management you can:

  • Share documents securely: With Intralinks, security is embedded in each document. No extra downloads, software or plugins are required.
  • Protect documents throughout their lifecycle: From creation to decommissioning, easily manage document permissions and controls.
  • Manage individual permissions: Cloud file sharing with permissions enables you to view, edit, save, print and limit duration of access to documents.
  • Revoke access easily: Use Intralinks UNshare® to revoke document access when necessary, even after a file has been downloaded.

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