Document rights management software

Control your content with document rights management software.

In a business world where employees need 24/7 access to documents – from any location, on any device – document rights management software is more important than ever. Intralinks’ document rights management provides maximum protection for the lifecycle of files and emails as they are shared both inside and outside the company.

While your average file sharing solution may make collaboration easier, it typically doesn’t solve the security challenges of protecting documents that reside on desktops, websites and mobile devices across the globe. Many companies have addressed this challenge by keeping sensitive content within the firewall, which prevents employees from sharing documents with external contacts. Other companies have adopted complex systems that limit file sharing capabilities and slow productivity.

Document rights management software can solve this challenge by encrypting files and allowing employees to share them freely with internal and external contacts. That means no matter how secure or vulnerable a particular environment may be, the document remains safe behind its armor of encryption.

As a global leader in solutions for secure collaboration, Intralinks offers cloud-based document rights management software that is trusted by more than 90,000 clients worldwide.

Intralinks protects your content with superior document rights management software.

Information rights management is a document rights management software solution that makes it safe and easy to control access to shared files. Intralinks provides streamlined cloud file sharing with permissions so it’s simple to manage who can view, edit, download and print a document and for how long they may access the content. Intralinks also makes it simple to revoke access to documents, even files that have been downloaded to mobile phones or personal computers.

Intralinks’ document rights management software gives you control throughout the complete document lifecycle. From the creation of a document to its eventual decommissioning, IT administrators and document owners can instantaneously update access rights to their content – no matter where the files currently reside.

Encryption is critical to Intralinks’ document rights management software.

Encryption is the key to securing content with document rights management software. Each document gets a unique encryption key that is distributed through asymmetric cryptography. Anyone accessing the document must authenticate before receiving a decryption key through a secured transport channel. Intralinks also provides customer managed keys, which is a solution that gives clients sole control over their decryption keys.

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