Secure Enterprise File Sharing Solutions

Make enterprise file sharing easy with Intralinks.

Enterprise file sharing is critical to user workflows and content collaboration. That means your choice of file sharing technology will have a big impact on business success.

Your enterprise file sharing solution must accomplish three things. First and foremost, it has to enable secure document exchange. Your users have to be able to collaborate freely without worrying about where sensitive information may end up.

Enterprise file sharing software must also be easy to use. Highly complicated or restrictive solutions will send users looking for risky alternatives, like consumer-grade file sharing services or removable disk drives and USB devices.

Finally, your enterprise file sharing technology must give you strict control over who can access, download, view and print your files throughout the document lifecycle. Since accidents always happen and business relationships are constantly changing, your enterprise file sharing solution has to allow you to revoke access to files at any time.

Enter Intralinks. Offering the world’s leading enterprise file sharing solution, our platform enables secure and seamless collaboration with internal and external contacts around the world.

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A seamless and secure enterprise file sharing solution.

Intralinks VIA® is a secure enterprise platform that takes the worry and frustration out of enterprise file sharing. With Intralinks, it’s easy to share documents with anyone, anywhere, at any time and on any device. We provide comprehensive tools for secure collaboration, from simple file sync and share to collaborative team workspaces and virtual data rooms for more complex enterprise file sharing needs.

Intralinks is a scalable cloud-based solution that integrates easily with existing infrastructures. That means fast implementation, no capital expense, rapid user adoption and easy integration with your current enterprise content management system.

Advantages of enterprise file sharing technology from Intralinks.

An enterprise file sharing solution from Intralinks enables you to:

  • Keep information safe: Automatically encrypt every file uploaded to the platform with the most secure cloud file sharing solution on the market.
  • Eliminate risky file sharing solutions: Implement a secure Dropbox alternative to stop the use of third-party file sharing services and other shadow IT solutions that compromise security.
  • Simplify collaboration: Enable users to access documents from any device, anywhere, and to work with documents in familiar applications like Microsoft Office®.
  • Maintain control of files: Instantly terminate access rights to documents at any time using Intralinks UNshare®, even files that were downloaded to personal computers or mobile devices.

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