Secure External Collaboration

External collaboration: The key to upgrading the value of your content.

Enterprise content management (ECM) systems, like SharePoint®, and other collaboration tools for business can enhance internal communication and improve productivity. However, using them for external collaboration presents a challenge because these systems simply weren’t designed for it. From content security and user governance to support, utilizing internal enterprise file sharing systems for external collaboration causes major IT issues.

Unless given a viable alternative, users who want to share files with external contacts will turn to consumer-grade cloud file sharing business solutions like Dropbox. These third-party technologies will not integrate into your existing security and governance architecture, but they will put your data and organization at risk.

That’s where Intralinks can help. With a powerful platform for secure internal and external collaboration, we enable users to share files easily with contacts anywhere in the world, without compromising your security, control or governance.

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Intralinks enables simple and secure external collaboration.

Intralinks is a leading provider of secure file sharing, collaboration and virtual data room solutions. We’ve simplified critical business processes and secured sensitive information for companies.

Our platform makes safe external collaboration possible with built-in ECM connectors and document-level security. In fact, we automatically encrypt every file to ensure security throughout the entire document lifecycle, even when shared outside your firewall or downloaded to local storage.

When you manage external collaboration with Intralinks, you retain complete control over permissions and access. You determine who can read, edit, print and download a file as well as the duration of those permissions. Our unique system also enables you to revoke access to files even after they’ve been downloaded to a mobile device or personal computer.

Key benefits of Intralinks’ external collaboration solution.

When you use Intralinks for external collaboration, you can:

  • Reduce the risks of using unsanctioned, consumer-grade tools: Intralinks is a secure Dropbox alternative with intuitive tools that make it easy for users to share files without resorting to “shadow IT” solutions.
  • Reduce the cost of external collaboration: Intralinks saves time and resources by eliminating the wait time for IT and security reviews of information to be shared externally.
  • Centralize management of external collaboration: Intralinks Connector for ECMs provides a user-friendly administrative console where you can connect multiple ECMs to ensure consistent permission management and audit trails for all content leaving the enterprise.
  • Maximize security of business content: With security embedded into every document, you no longer have to worry about downloaded copies or duplicates being mailed to unauthorized users.

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