Loan Syndication Software

Streamline lending with superior loan syndication software.

Loan syndication software can reduce risk, improve efficiency and enable you to manage multiple syndicated lending deals simultaneously. For banks engaged in syndicated lending, that means higher margins, more satisfied customers and a better bottom line.

Choosing the right loan syndication software is critical. Banks need technology to help streamline the loan process and execute deals more efficiently. With multiple stakeholders involved in each deal, loan syndication software must provide the capability to manage all the pieces of financing during origination and execution. Likewise, because processing multiple deals simultaneously is crucial for growth and profitability, loan syndication software must include tools that simplify deal management.

Intralinks can help. With a loan syndication software solution tailored to the specific needs of loan professionals, our platform optimizes processes, enhances client communication, improves deal pipeline management and reduces regulatory risk.

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Intralinks delivers leading loan syndication software.

Intralinks is the world’s leading provider of secure cloud file sharing solutions and loan syndication software that simplifies and safeguards collaboration and document management. Thousands of companies around the world, trust Intralinks to share high-value content across organizational, corporate and geographical boundaries.

With our loan syndication software, bankers track deal opportunities from pitch to close, relying on Intralinks to store, organize and extract deal information in a structured way. Our platform allows deal teams to work more efficiently, so bankers can manage customer relationships more effectively.

Key benefits of Intralinks loan syndication software.

With loan syndication software from Intralinks, you can:

  • Improve client interactions: Elevate client communication with comment and activity tracking, and delve more deeply into real-time client behavior with customized reporting.
  • Manage deals more easily: Collaborate on deals more efficiently with sole and joint book building tools, and instantaneous views of syndication status.
  • Optimize document sharing: Streamline document management for primary syndication, agency servicing and loan trading with virtual data rooms.
  • Support amendment voting: Oversee the voting process in real time, set alerts to help users make timely voting decisions, develop unique electronic signature pages for lender certification and perform automatic weight and vote calculations.
  • Streamline compliance: Utilize loan syndication software to monitor activity, proactively control access to material nonpublic information and ensure compliance through comprehensive monitoring of employee access.

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