M&A Due Diligence Simplified

Accelerate M&A due diligence with Intralinks.

Enormous volumes of information, increased disclosure requirements and multi-location/country targets all contribute to a more complicated due diligence process. Delays in M&A due diligence can kill deals, but in a complex M&A process, it’s hard for deal teams to move quickly. Rushing to complete M&A due diligence more quickly, on the other hand, poses the potential risk of overlooking material issues. Deal teams need solutions that accelerate M&A due diligence while remaining thorough and highly organized.

Intralinks can help. Our M&A platform for secure enterprise collaboration automates tasks, improves workflows, simplifies processes and enables successful outcomes across all types of liquidity events. With industry-leading virtual deal room technology, Intralinks equips deal teams with the tools they need to tackle M&A due diligence with optimal speed, security and efficiency.

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Intralinks' virtual data rooms simplify M&A due diligence.

Intralinks® Virtual Data Room Edition is designed to aid M&A due diligence and get deals done faster. Our virtual data rooms (VDRs) have a proven track record, and facilitate more than 6,000 transactions annually. Secure and simplify M&A due diligence by providing:

  • Self-launch data rooms: Stage a data room prior to launch, save time by repurposing index templates, and add users and documents easily.
  • Complete security: Protect documents with file-level encryption and information rights management.
  • Artificial intelligence: Take advantage of automation and machine learning to manage documents more easily and conduct M&A due diligence faster.
  • Greater access: Use secure mobile apps to manage all sell-side aspects of transactions and keep deals moving forward, even when you’re on the go.
  • Greater efficiency: Eliminate manual, time-consuming processes like tracking Q&A via spreadsheets.

Key benefits for M&A due diligence.

With Intralinks© for M&A due diligence, you can:

  • Accelerate the due diligence process: Reduce timelines, eliminate file distribution issues and minimize market and operational risk.
  • Make better decisions faster: Improve the flow of information, and respond to bidder and legal requests more quickly with streamlined Q&A.
  • Track the deal process: Get up-to-date progress reports and enjoy workflow transparency with dashboards and reporting tools.
  • Streamline collaboration: Access information from anywhere, seamlessly transition between different stages of the deal and stage information before going live.
  • Keep information secure: Protect documents with dynamic watermarking and information rights management document locking and protection.
  • Manage permissions: Set access rights for viewing, printing, forwarding and editing files, and revoke access at any time, even if documents have been downloaded to computers and devices.

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