M&A lifecycle

Accelerate the M&A lifecycle with Intralinks.

In the M&A lifecycle, surprises and obstacles are always expected. How quickly you react and how effectively you respond determines the impact on valuation and speed-to-market.

A reliable enterprise content collaboration tool is critical for the M&A lifecycle. From generating ideas to managing due diligence and integration, the right solution can help you move through the M&A lifecycle with speed, clarity and success. That’s where Intralinks comes in.

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Make the right connections during the M&A lifecycle.

Intralinks provides a Content Collaboration Network that simplifies communication during the M&A lifecycle. With Intralinks’ M&A platform, you can work confidently with colleagues, vendors, partners, buyers and sellers. Everyone can securely share information across networks, geographies and platforms. This enables you to close deals faster and improve speed-to-market. Our tools ensure security and facilitate compliance, and allow buyers and sellers alike to maximize the value of transactions.

With more than 90,000 clients worldwide and a 20-year history of reliability and performance, Intralinks is the ideal partner to help manage the M&A lifecycle effectively.

Powerful collaboration tools streamline the M&A lifecycle.

Intralinks offers solutions for both the buy and sell sides of the M&A lifecycle.

On the buy-side, Intralinks enables you to:

  • Strategize and target deals: Maintain a comprehensive register of opportunities that meet your customized investment preferences.
  • Source and evaluate: Use the world’s largest M&A network, Intralinks Dealnexus®, to access a global network of sellers and deals.
  • Simplify due diligence: Use Intralinks, a leading virtual data room, to share information more efficiently during the M&A process.
  • Improve visibility: Keep a close eye on your pipeline with Intralinks Dealmanager®. Use qualitative and quantitative metrics to improve decision-making.
  • Accelerate legal review: Leverage our extensive digital scanning tools to review document sets in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes.
  • Streamline post-merger integration: Give your teams a structured set of tools to manage the post merger integration process smoothly.

On the sell-side of the M&A lifecycle, Intralinks enables you to:

  • Communicate effectively: Simplify deal marketing and M&A due diligence with Intralinks Advanced Deal Prep. Keep everyone on the same page using our central workspace.
  • Oversee marketing: Manage distribution of marketing materials more closely.
  • Manage due diligence: Stay informed with Intralinks© virtual data rooms.
  • Simplify closing: Share and repurpose documents easily and securely.

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