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Source better deals through the world’s largest M&A network.

Deal sourcing is one of the most time-consuming aspects of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). A strong M&A network can help you find more actionable deal opportunities with less time and effort.

An online M&A network provides fast access to both buy-side and sell-side deal opportunities. By filtering available deals to match your deal criteria, you can narrow the field and connect with potential buyers or sellers in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Intralinks offers the world’s largest M&A network for both buy-side and sell-side interests. When you accelerate deal sourcing and marketing with our M&A platform, you find the right opportunities faster and streamline the entire M&A lifecycle.

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Qualify deals faster with Intralinks’ M&A network.

Intralinks Dealnexus® is the world’s most extensive M&A network, with more than 38,000 investment banks and M&A advisory firms worldwide, as well as 7,000 member firms and 12,000 M&A professionals. Use Dealnexus to expand your network by connecting with other members, and access a robust deal marketplace where you can find highly qualified buyers and sellers quickly.

On the sell-side, Intralinks’ M&A network connects you quickly to buyers who are actively seeking deals like the one you’re offering. Build a secure deal profile using key transaction criteria, then generate an intelligent list of buyers based on financial and strategic matches. You can gain insight into which buyers in your M&A network are the best fit, and securely share a deal profile with them.

On the buy-side, you’ll source more actionable opportunities within the Intralinks M&A network. Create specific deal alerts based on acquisition preferences and ensure that your firm’s investment criteria and portfolio data is visible to buyers. By broadcasting buy-side mandates to deal flow networks, you can source the best opportunities in real time.

Key benefits of Intralinks’ M&A network.

When you source deals with an M&A network from Intralinks, you can:

  • Find better deals faster: Get alerts when deals that match the “sweet spot” in your deal criteria arise, and eliminate time-consuming tasks associated with researching deal opportunities.
  • Increase efficiency: Streamline workflows by automating manual processes, freeing up resources to work on more important activities.
  • Improve deal marketing: Use interactive content to engage buyers, track how they interact with your key marketing materials and prioritize follow-up to increase deal velocity.
  • Accelerate the deal process: Quickly and seamlessly transition content into a virtual data room for due diligence for M&A.

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