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Mergers and acquisitions are inherently time-consuming and complex, and managing the M&A lifecycle for multiple deals simultaneously can be a hair-raising experience. Manual procedures and traditional tools like spreadsheets, email and shared drives can’t deliver the speed and efficiency you need to accelerate deals and due diligence in M&A. However, with a superior M&A platform, you can automate manual processes, centralize documents to be shared, tighten security and streamline the M&A process.

When choosing an M&A platform to help accelerate the deal process and connect to a worldwide M&A network, leading companies around the world choose Intralinks® Virtual Data Room Edition.

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An industry-leading M&A platform from Intralinks.

Intralinks’ powerful and secure M&A platform allows your deal teams to work flexibly across networks and systems, and accelerates the M&A process while maintaining control of sensitive information. With a community of more than 3.1 million registered users, Intralinks is the industry’s most trusted M&A platform, and facilitates more than 6,000 transactions every year.

Our M&A platform provides secure tools for simple file sync and share, collaborative team workspaces and large-scale virtual data rooms. With the highest standards for security, reliability and performance, Intralinks’ cloud-based solution provides all the capabilities, features and processes required to collaborate safely and efficiently.

Key benefits of Intralinks’ M&A platform.

With an M&A platform from Intralinks, you can:

  • Collaborate easily: Collect documents in a central repository for easier management, and share high-value content quickly and securely with colleagues, partners, counterparties and regulators.
  • Automate tasks: Eliminate inefficient processes, like tracking Q&A via spreadsheets, and use machine learning and artificial intelligence to conduct due diligence faster.
  • Streamline processes: Seamlessly transition between different deal phases, and stage information before going live.
  • Secure documents: Protect all documents with file-level encryption; manage file, folder and user permissions and access rights; and instantly revoke access to files, even after they have been downloaded.
  • Improve workflows: Work securely from anywhere in the world with complete mobile access.
  • Connect with partners: Be part of the world’s most extensive M&A and deal flow networks.
  • Simplify reporting: Communicate with investors more efficiently with an investor portal, and provide greater transparency while improving document security.

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