M&A Process Management

Accelerate and streamline the M&A process with Intralinks.

Managing the M&A process is always a challenge, and when you’re struggling to close multiple deals, it can make for a lot of sleepless nights. Traditional tools like spreadsheets and Microsoft Word documents aren’t much help when handling a complex M&A process, and using email and shared drives to collaborate with colleagues and partners is too risky and too cumbersome. Finding a superior M&A platform is the first step in navigating the M&A process more efficiently.

That’s where Intralinks can help. As a global leader in secure collaboration and file sharing solutions, we provide state-of-the-art tools for managing the M&A process with greater productivity, enhanced transparency, tighter security and reduced risk.

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One solution for the entire M&A process.

Intralinks® Virtual Data Room Edition is a powerful solution for managing the M&A process and deal lifecycle, and it enables you to share information more efficiently with tools that are specifically designed for high-stakes, strategic transactions. As the industry’s most trusted deal space and M&A network, we facilitate more than 6,000 transactions annually, and with a community of more than 3.1 million registered users, it’s almost certain that your counterparties are already using Intralinks to manage due diligence in M&A.

Intralinks© virtual data rooms provide:

  • A central data repository: Collect and share high-value content easily across teams, partners, counterparties and regulators throughout the M&A process.
  • Strict security: Automatically encrypt files to ensure protection, no matter where they reside or where they are sent.
  • Granular controls: Manage permissions and access rights for viewing, downloading, printing and forwarding files, and instantly revoke access to documents, even if they have been downloaded to personal devices.
  • Easy access: Provide user access to documents via desktop applications, web browsers, and mobile apps.
  • Pre-configured solutions: Accelerate the M&A process with content templates, preconfigured folder structures and permission management models.

Intralinks’ key benefits for the M&A process.

When you manage the M&A process with Intralinks, you can:

  • Get deals done faster: Automate time-consuming, manual processes, use artificial intelligence and machine learning to conduct due diligence faster and more thoroughly, expand your pipeline to close deals faster on the buy-side and engage buyers more easily on the sell-side.
  • Collaborate effortlessly: Share documents quickly and easily, and simplify organization and tracking of all documents for the M&A process.
  • Simplify reporting: Disseminate client-level information more easily through an investor portal, and provide greater detail and transparency while improving information security.
  • Streamline access: Manage all sell-side aspects of a transaction with industry-leading secure mobile apps.
  • Ensure document security: Protect all documents with automatic encryption and information rights management technology.
  • Expand your network: Connect to the world’s most extensive deal network of qualified M&A professionals.

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