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Accelerate your M&A process with an online data room.

The online data room (also known as a virtual data room or VDR) is revolutionizing the M&A due diligence process and post-merger integration. By giving stakeholders digital access to all the documents involved in strategic transactions, an online data room can streamline collaboration, reduce costs, simplify organization and accelerate due diligence and negotiations. With the right online data room solution, you can manage more deals simultaneously in less time.

When building your online data room, choosing the right data room software is critical. Your solution must be fast, efficient, cost-effective and easy to use. Above all, to mitigate risk and ensure stakeholder confidence, you need a secure VDR that protects documents from inadvertent and malicious leaks. That’s why the world’s most security-conscious companies choose Intralinks as their online data room provider.

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Intralinks’ online data room provides all the tools you need to improve security and reduce cost.

Intralinks is one of the world’s leading virtual data room providers, and our online data room solutions have served as the technology of choice for companies. Intralinks® Virtual Data Room Edition is a proven platform specifically designed for high-stakes, strategic transactions. Our technology makes it easy to set up, manage and secure your SaaS-based online data room to support a broad range of business requirements.

Features include:

  • Web and mobile interfaces that make it easy to access, view and edit documents online
  • Permission management features for 16 user roles, and configurable access rights for files, folders, users and workspaces
  • Question-and-answer workflows for managing deals with multiple parties
  • Pre-configured solutions for specific deal types
  • Full text indexing and search, with optical character recognition
  • Granular user activity reporting and clear activity records for trouble-free audits and easier regulatory reporting
  • File-level encryption to ensure the security of your most sensitive documents

How Intralinks’ online data room improves the M&A lifecycle.

With an online data room from Intralinks, you can accelerate and streamline the M&A lifecycle with tools to:

  • Get deals done faster: Automate time-consuming, manual processes and expand your pipeline to close deals faster on the buy-side and engage buyers more easily on the sell-side.
  • Collaborate effortlessly: Organize and share transactional documents quickly and easily to simplify due diligence, provide greater detail and transparency and manage deals more efficiently.
  • Streamline access: Increase productivity with anytime, anywhere, any device access using desktop applications, web browsers and secure mobile apps.
  • Ensure document security: Protect all documents with automatic encryption and Intralinks’ information rights management technology.
  • Get a head start: Quickly and easily transition to post-merger integration without needing to migrate documents.

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