Post Merger Integration Solutions

Post-merger integration: where the deal gets real.

Closing the deal is only one step in a successful M&A process. It’s the post-merger integration where value is really created – or where it is lost.

The challenges of post-merger integration are immense. Stakeholders from different organizations need to collaborate easily across platforms and technologies. Internal teams, regulators and third parties have to share sensitive information without worrying about leaks, hacks or data loss. And the post-merger integration process and due diligence information must be highly structured and well-organized in order to capture the cost and growth synergies that shareholders are counting on.

That’s where Intralinks can help. Our post-merger integration solution provides end-to-end collaboration tools for business that let you move easily from letter of intent to full integration, driving value and synergies throughout the process.

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Streamline your post-merger integration with Intralinks.

Intralinks delivers cloud-based content collaboration solutions that let you share sensitive information quickly, easily and securely. With more than 90,000 clients – Intralinks is a proven provider of secure collaboration and document sharing tools that simplify and streamline the post-merger integration process.

Intralink’s enterprise collaboration tool lets your stakeholders work securely and productively across boundaries. With Intralinks, you can accelerate the post-merger integration process with simple and intuitive workspaces for secure file sync, content sharing, partnership negotiations, case management and document-centric workflows.

Key benefits of Intralinks’ post-merger integration technology.

With Intralinks’ post-merger integration solution, you can:

  • Accelerate integration: Lock and load content, users and permissions ahead of time so you can hit the ground running after the close.
  • Transition easily: Transfer information seamlessly from sell-side virtual data rooms to integration teams.
  • Standardize communication: Use a single, integrated platform to keep integration teams, executives, regulators and other stakeholders on the same page during post-merger integration.
  • Reduce risk: Maintain security and prevent information loss by granting partitioned access to outside regulatory agencies and maintain full audit trails and activity reporting.
  • Streamline collaboration: Use a secure, centralized and accessible repository to give stakeholders access to all deal-related information.
  • Gain efficiencies: Build repeatable processes based on best practices that you can leverage in future deals.

Throughout its 20 years in business, Intralinks has been committed to the highest levels of data security, providing clients with the means to collaborate safely, confidently and productively, from anywhere, on any device. When you want to ensure a smooth post-merger process, you can put your trust in Intralinks.

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