Private Equity Deal Sourcing Solutions

How to make private equity deal sourcing easier.

When private equity deal sourcing is efficient, life is good. Finding the right buyers takes less time, and closing deals is easy. While your Rolodex might have worked for deal sourcing a couple generations ago, you need the right technology to make private equity deal sourcing faster, easier and more targeted.

Intralinks Dealnexus® gives you access to the world’s largest deal platform and simplifies private equity deal sourcing for buy-side and sell-side interests. Our global network of more than 3,800 investment banks and M&A advisory firms means you start private equity deal sourcing from a stronger position, so you can close on better terms.

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private equity deal sourcing

Private equity deal sourcing with better identification and origination.

Intralinks Dealnexus makes deal marketing easy. Connect with thousands of strategic and financial acquirers who are in the market for deals like yours. Use matched criteria to generate an intelligent buyer list, find buyers who are actively seeking deals, and build a secure deal profile with key transaction criteria to get faster insight into the best matches.

On our secure, members-only deal network, private equity deal sourcing groups can source actionable deal opportunities confidentially and efficiently in real time. Create alerts to identify possible deals based on acquisition preferences, broadcast buy-side mandates to attract proprietary deals, and ensure visibility on buyers lists with the latest investment criteria and portfolio company data.

Key benefits for private equity deal sourcing.

When you choose Intralinks for private equity deal sourcing, you’ll have access to the world’s most extensive network of qualified deal professionals. You can use Intralinks to:

  • Track deal flow: Keep a clear and concise system of record, get instant visibility into your pipeline with Intralinks Dealmanager®, and compare qualitative and quantitative metrics to decide which deal to pursue.
  • Source better deals: Broadcast buy-side mandates to attract proprietary deals, and access information quickly on hundreds of deals worldwide.
  • Boost awareness: Share recent successes and maintain a robust profile with professionals on Intralinks’ deal network to improve visibility of your firm.
  • Source better deals: Research private equity deal sourcing firms, individuals and portfolio companies, reach out to other professionals to expand your network, and improve your pipeline with the ability to more accurately predict deal flow.
  • Boost awareness: Improve visibility of your firm by sharing recent successes.
  • Improve productivity: Transform the way you take deals to market by streamlining workflows and automate manual processes to accomplish more with fewer resources.

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