Regulatory Reporting Tools: Simplify Compliance Effortlessly

Streamline regulatory reporting with Intralinks.

Regulatory reporting is a necessary part of compliance. It’s also a time-consuming burden that pulls resources from other high-priority activities.

There are security challenges that come with regulatory reporting, as well. The files you share with legal counsel, consultants, accountants and regulators are often highly sensitive, and just one lost, corrupted or inadvertently leaked document can be highly damaging.

To simplify regulatory reporting and protect high-value content, you need a solution that makes it easy to create, manage and share reports securely with internal and external contacts. Intralinks can help.

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Intralinks makes regulatory reporting simple and efficient.

Intralinks is the world leader in secure document collaboration solutions. From file sync and share to collaborative team workspaces and large-scale virtual data rooms, our feature-rich platform has all the tools you need to simplify document management.

When it comes to regulatory reporting and regulatory risk management, Intralinks’ end-to-end compliance software operationalizes the reporting process and streamlines the management of new and changing regulations.

Our platform supports a variety of regulatory reporting processes, including:

  • Dodd-Frank Act stress test
  • Comprehensive capital analysis and review
  • Resolution planning
  • Consolidated recovery planning for certain large domestic bank holding companies
  • Regulation AB II for asset-backed securities
  • SEC 17g-5 for structured financial products

Key benefits of Intralinks’ solutions for regulatory reporting.

With Intralinks’ regulatory reporting solution, you can:

  • Streamline reporting: Create and aggregate sequential and parallel reports to accommodate different workflows and timelines, centralize question and answer functions, and generate notifications and alerts to facilitate distribution.
  • Simplify regulatory risk management: Implement automated controls that improve the accuracy of regulatory reporting throughout the organization, and automatically maintain granular audit trails to demonstrate chain of ownership.
  • Improve security: Automatically encrypt reports at the file level to prevent leaks and security breaches, secure information before making it publicly available, streamline operations to help meet deadlines, and improve accountability as you manage regulatory reporting and filings at every phase.
  • Enhance collaboration: Aggregate, refine and complete regulatory reporting while collaborating seamlessly across diverse organizational structures and geographies.

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